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Wedding Season Revives in Patna as Planetary Alignments Shift

BY Neeraj Kumar

Patna, July 9: In astrology, the changing positions of planets significantly impact human life, Earth, festivals, and auspicious functions. For the past two to three months, all Hindu auspicious events were halted due to the setting of Jupiter and Venus, two significant planets. With planetary positions now returning to normal, wedding season and other auspicious events is resuming today. From Tuesday, the sounds of band-baja and shehnai will fill the air.

The revival of auspicious events brings optimism to the wedding industry, expecting robust business this season. Approximately 7,000 marriages are scheduled in Patna district between today and July 15 during the auspicious muhurat. Consequently, all small and large hotels and banquet halls in the city are fully booked. Additionally, advance bookings for light-DJ, caterers, and horse-carriages are confirmed. Tent businessmen are also hopeful despite the rain.

Patna boasts around 50 band parties, with 30 to 40 small and large band parties in the neighborhoods and colonies. Most bands in the city are already booked. Jaspal Suri, who operates a catering and DJ business, noted an increase in July weddings due to fewer marriage dates, leading many to book three to four months in advance.

Due to rain, banquet hall and hotel bookings have surged. Hotels in major areas like Gola Road, Digha Ashiana, New Bypass, Rajiv Nagar, Gandhi Maidan, Fraser Road, Dakbungla, and Raja Bazaar are fully booked. Patna has over 150 banquet halls and hotels that host weddings, along with community halls and dharamshalas of government departments, most of which are booked. Experts attribute this to early preparations by people, ensuring most venues are reserved. Meanwhile, the Sarafa Bazaar and Kapda Bazaar are bustling with activity.

The market has become more vibrant with the auspicious events this month. Crowds flock to shops selling jewelry, clothes, utensils, groceries, beauty services, and more. Saree shopkeepers in Khetan Market report a busy market despite the limited wedding dates this month. Shopping for weddings began in late June, with activity intensifying in July. Bullion traders report increased business in jewelry and other items, benefiting from the July, November, and December weddings.

Mohammad Yunus, Director of Avon Band Baja Phulwarisharif, mentioned that the wedding season has been dull so far, causing business losses. May and June saw no marriages, and there are few auspicious times in July. They have only three to four bookings, compared to three to four bookings daily in previous years. The rate for shehnai is Rs 6,000 to Rs 7,000, while light bhangra and band rates are Rs 50,000.

Mohammad Ghulam Sarwar, Band Baja Director of Raja Bazaar, noted complete business losses this time, with no bookings so far. Due to fewer marriages, people easily secure bands, DJs, and shehnai, unlike before when bookings were challenging. Earlier, they earned between Rs 11,000 to Rs 25,000 per booking.

Acharya Rakesh Jha explained that after shehnai played in April, the setting of Jupiter and Venus in May and June halted the marriage series, which resumes in July. According to Mithila Panchang, there are only three auspicious moments in July, while Banarasi Panchang lists seven. After this, Chaturmas begins, halting all Hindu auspicious events like marriages, sacred thread ceremonies, and tonsures for four months.

During Chaturmas, activities such as Bhagwat Pujan, reading Shiv Puran, chanting Mahamrityunjay, self-study in solitude, charity, service to cows and Brahmins, pilgrimages, rituals, and elderly care are recommended. However, auspicious works like marriage, Upanayan, tonsure, housewarming, Bhoomi Pujan, and purchasing precious items should be avoided.

After a hiatus of two to three months, the sound of shehnai returns today with the start of July’s auspicious marriage times. In Hinduism, people await auspicious dates for significant events. This echo will last only a week, as Chaturmas begins on Devshayani Ekadashi on July 17. Following Dev Uthani Ekadashi, the next auspicious marriage dates are in November. July’s wedding season boosts market vibrancy, reviving the wedding industry with bands, markets, and processions.


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