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East SP of Patna, Bharat Soni talking to reporters in Patna.

Patna Police Bust Notorious Nut Gang, Recover Stolen Goods and Arrests Three Members

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna, July 9: A notorious gang of criminals in Patna, known for conducting house recces in a Scorpio vehicle before looting, has been busted by the Patna Police. The gang, also involved in snatching from people in deserted areas, has been linked to various robbery incidents in Patna and surrounding areas. The police have arrested three members of the Nut gang, recovering two Scorpios, Rs 65,000 in cash, gold and silver ornaments, and 95 packets of smack from them.

East SP of Patna, Bharat Soni, provided details about the arrests during a press conference on Monday. He revealed that the Nut gang had been active in Patna for a long time, committing loot, snatching, and robbery by targeting various houses. The gang was involved in a robbery at JDU leader Manish’s house in Patna on July 3 and another robbery in Kachuara of the Gopalpur police station area. Following these incidents, the Patna Police intensified their search for the robbers.

The breakthrough came when the Parsa Bazar Police Station officer received a tip-off that a Nut gang member was residing in the Khagaul Police Station area. The officer relayed this information to City SP East, who then formed a team to conduct raids under the leadership of Parsa Bazar and Gopalapur Police Station officers. The kingpin of the Nut gang, Gorakhnath, was arrested near Simar School Surya in the Khagaul Police Station area, leading to the subsequent arrests of Abdul Ansari and Shiv Manjhi based on his information.

SP East Patna Bharat Soni stated that during interrogation, the arrested individuals confessed their involvement in the robbery incidents in the Parsa Bazar and Gopalpur Police Station areas. The police team had been working on the gang for several days, and efforts are now underway to identify other members of the gang and determine their origins. Similar gangs had previously carried out such incidents, and Patna Police had taken action against them.

The investigation continues as the police verify the backgrounds and further connections of the arrested gang members.

The author is Patna based journalist.



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