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Prohibition Department Raids Agamkuan Warehouse, Seizes Liquor-Making Materials Worth Over Rs 30 Lakh

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: The prohibition department team conducted a raid on a warehouse located in Gas Godown Lane, west of Zero Mile in the Agamkuan police station area, recovering spirit and materials used for making English liquor on Friday. The seized items are valued at over Rs 30 lakh. During the raid, the team arrested two individuals: customer Dilkhush Yadav and warehouse worker Rahul Roshan.

Inspector Ajit Kumar, who led the raid, stated that the illicit business of selling spirit and materials for making liquor was being conducted under the guise of producing phenyl. The raiding team recovered 300 liters of spirit, about 63 liters of homeopathic spirit, approximately 10,000 lids of various branded liquor companies, and around 4,000 empty bottles, stickers, and other related items from the warehouse.

Inspector Kumar explained that the team had received information about a racket supplying chemicals and materials for liquor production. Following this tip, a team was formed, including Inspector Vijay Kumar, sub-inspectors, and other officials. After conducting a reconnaissance, the team raided the warehouse on Thursday morning. Upon arrival, they found phenyl and phenyl-making materials in the front area. With concrete information from the reconnaissance, the team proceeded with the raid.

During the operation, Dilkhush Yadav, who had come from Madhubani to purchase materials for illegal liquor manufacturing, and Rahul Roshan, a warehouse worker from Badi Patnadevi Mohalla in the Alamganj police station area, were apprehended. Interrogation revealed that bottles and other materials were being distributed from this location for making English liquor across the state. The investigation indicated that the businessmen had rented the warehouse to conduct their illegal activities.

Inspector Kumar mentioned that the team is actively searching for the mastermind behind this warehouse operation. They are interrogating the arrested individuals to identify all parties involved. It is suspected that if English liquor were produced from the seized materials, its estimated value could be up to one crore rupees.

Inspector Kumar also noted that a similar raid was conducted previously behind the Bairia bus stand, where a businessman was arrested with spirit and materials used for making liquor. There is a suspicion that he might have resumed this illegal business.

The author is a Patna based journalist


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