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Patna Police Arrest Five Members of Gang Targeting Morning Walkers

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna, June 18: The Patna Police have successfully apprehended five criminals belonging to a gang notorious for looting and snatching from morning walkers. The arrests led to the recovery of 14 mobile phones, four bikes, and two gold lockets. The police identified these criminals using technical research and CCTV footage, capturing them late Sunday evening. On Monday, City SP East Bharat Soni held a press conference to provide detailed information about the arrests.

There had been continuous complaints of mobile snatching, chain snatching, and robbery by bike-riding miscreants at gunpoint from various areas within the capital, Patna. In response, Patna East SP Bharat Soni formed a team of police officers under the leadership of Sadar ASP Sweety Sehrawat. The team identified the suspects based on CCTV footage, leading to their subsequent arrests. These criminals had previously been jailed multiple times.

City SP East Bharat Soni revealed that the police first arrested Vishal Kumar alias Chinese at his residence. Based on his information, the police then arrested Nikhil Kumar alias Neeraj Kumar, Kundan Kumar, Amit Kumar alias Badka, and Sarwan Kumar. During interrogation, the criminals confessed to being drug addicts, with more than 25 cases registered against them across multiple police stations, including Kadam Kuan, Gandhi Maidan, Patrakar Nagar, Gardanibagh, Kankarbagh, and Ram Krishna Nagar.

City SP East Bharat Soni holding a Press conference

The City SP EastĀ  noted that these criminals had been released from jail only in March last year and had resumed their criminal activities soon after. Complaints against them continued to pour into the police station, particularly involving the snatching of bikes and mobile phones. They used stolen bikes to commit their crimes and had recently brandished a pistol to snatch two bikes in the Patrakar Nagar police station area.

City SP East Bharat Soni reported that the police recovered 14 stolen mobile phones, two gold lockets, and four stolen bikes from the gang. The search continues to determine the recipients of the stolen mobiles.

Incidents of robbery and snatching had plagued Patna for many months, with a gang of miscreants specifically targeting morning walkers. The recent arrests mark a significant victory for the Patna Police in curbing these crimes.

The author is Patna based journalistĀ 


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