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Bihar Braces for Monsoon Rains and Potential Floods as Weather Shifts

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna, June 19: The wait for the monsoon is over in Bihar. Monsoon rains are set to begin on June 20 and may continue for a week. The monsoon, moving from Bengal, will enter Bihar on the night of June 19 via Purnia. The heaviest rainfall is expected on June 22.

For the past two days, signs of the changing weather have been evident with increasing cloud density. Although the onset of monsoon rain is expected from June 20, the weather has already started to shift.

Heavy rain is anticipated in the Seemanchal region for 4-5 days following the monsoon’s arrival. There is also a possibility of flooding due to the initial heavy rains. The southwest monsoon’s turf line is currently between Bihar and Bengal, having entered the state via Kishanganj and Purnia.

Meteorologists have identified a turf line passing from North Bihar to South Bihar and a cyclonic circulation near Assam as the causes for the changing weather. More significant weather changes are expected on Wednesday, with light rain likely in some areas. For the past three days, humid easterly winds have been blowing in north-eastern Bihar, creating pleasant conditions, while southern and western Bihar are experiencing heatwaves.

Approximately 70 percent of Bihar’s districts are affected by the heatwave, with only a few districts in eastern and northern Bihar spared. Overcast skies and humid heat have provided some relief, but temperatures remain high. On Tuesday, the maximum temperature in the subdivision area was recorded at 39 degrees Celsius, with a minimum of 28 degrees Celsius.

In many districts, including the capital Patna, the weather is gradually changing. Overcast skies since Tuesday morning have provided some relief from the heat, but gusts of hot air have troubled residents despite the cloud cover. The prolonged wait for rain has led to disappointment, especially with the ongoing heatwave causing deaths and no significant weather change.

However, the persistent cloud cover on Tuesday has offered some morning relief, even though the heat returned as the day progressed. Residents are now hopeful for rain as the monsoon sets in.

The author is a Patna based journalist.


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