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Bihar to Invest Rs 7000 Crore in Major Infrastructure Projects

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna, June 27: Bihar is set to embark on significant infrastructure developments with the construction of four roads and bridges, amounting to Rs 7000 crore. Work on these projects will commence post-monsoon, with the tender process currently underway and expected to conclude during the rainy season. These projects are crucial for the state’s development and aim to fulfill Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s vision of enabling travel to Patna from any part of the state within four hours.

Additionally, a two-lane bypass in Chapra will be expanded to three lanes, with Rs 303 crore allocated for the 16 km stretch to alleviate traffic congestion.

Key Projects:

Patna-Sasaram Four-Lane Road:
The most significant project involves constructing a four-lane road from Patna to Sasaram via Ara, connecting the capital to Shahabad. This 120 km road will cost Rs 3600 crore. It will ease travel not only within Bihar but also to Uttar Pradesh and Delhi via Varanasi. The road will also link to the Ara-Buxar corridor, benefiting many commuters.

Bagmati River Bridge in Sitamarhi:
A five-kilometer bridge on the Bagmati river between Manjhauli and Charaut in Sitamarhi will be constructed at Rs 268 crore. The bridge, part of the 63.66 km Manjhauli-Charaut section, is essential due to the river’s flow, necessitating a wider bridge for safety. This bridge will benefit Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Darbhanga, and Muzaffarpur districts, and aid those traveling to the Nepal border.

Matihani-Shamho Bridge in Begusarai:
Another vital project is the Matihani-Shamho bridge over the Ganga river in Begusarai, connecting NH 31 and NH 80. This bridge will provide a new route to Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Odisha, reducing travel distance by 76 km. Two lakh farmers in the region will gain better access to markets. The project, costing Rs 3550 crore, includes a 36 km four-lane road cum bridge with approach roads, enhancing connectivity and disaster response times from Munger and Bhagalpur to 40 minutes.

These infrastructure projects will significantly enhance Bihar’s connectivity and development, promising substantial benefits to residents and the state’s economy.

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