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College Students of Patna Turn Skills into Income Sources

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: Students studying in Patna colleges are increasingly turning their skills into sources of income alongside their studies. Some are earning pocket money, while others receive significant financial support. During this time, they not only learn to make informed life decisions but also prepare themselves for the future. For example, students at Women’s College participate in curricular activities before honing their skills further. Many even teach their learnt skills to others, and some make items on order that are in high demand, earning substantial money.

Mamta Kumari from the College of Arts and Crafts, Patna, is studying Fine Arts. With a keen interest in arts, she mastered Tikuli art and has been working with it for the past four years. She explains, “When you live away from home, you face financial difficulties. Learning Tikuli art gradually led to receiving orders. I create tea coasters, paintings, canvases, etc., earning between Rs 6000 and Rs 70,00 per month. This year, I also received the Daksh Desh Rajya Shilp Samman for my art.”

Kamini Kumari, a student at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, developed an interest in painting. During a workshop, she learnt Madhubani and Tikuli painting. Initially, she gifted her paintings to people and shared them on social media. Her first order came from the place where she attended the workshop. She now earns Rs 5000 a month from orders, which helps cover her expenses.

Ritika Kumari, a second-year BBM student at the College of Commerce, Arts, and Science, has been interested in art since childhood. Through friends, she learned that Geetanjali Madam in Patna City offers painting workshops. She learnt the intricacies of Madhubani, Tikuli, and Manjusha painting from her. Her first order came from Geetanjali Madam. Ritika explains, “Madhubani painting on clothes is in high demand. Tikuli and Manjusha are popular for other products. I create gift items and take custom orders, earning Rs 4000 a month.”

Anu Kumari, who completed a diploma in stitching from Patna Women’s College, learnt to design and stitch various clothes during her studies. She now stitches Indo-Western outfits, Indian wear, cushion covers, and gowns. Her first order came from college teachers and students. Gradually, her reputation grew, and boutique owners began contacting her. Anu now mainly works on orders, earning between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 a month.

The author is a Patna based journalist


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