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Rising Incidents of Theft and Snatching at Patna Junction Cause Alarm

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: There is a growing terror of thieves and snatchers at Patna Junction. Despite recent arrests of several gang members, incidents of theft and snatching of chains and mobiles continue unabated.

On Thursday, on platform number nine at Patna Junction, a miscreant snatched a gold chain worth about Rs 2 lakh from Kunal Singh, a resident of Dhanbad Dhalsar, Jharkhand, and fled. Kunal Singh had been traveling in coach B3 of the Ganga Damodar Express from Dhanbad. As the train stopped and passengers began to disembark, a young man snatched the gold chain from Kunal’s neck, jumped off the train, and ran away. Despite Kunal’s attempts to catch him, the miscreant disappeared. Kunal subsequently filed a case with the Patna Junction Government Railway Police (GRP).

These incidents are becoming increasingly common at Patna Junction. Miscreants are seizing gold chains from passengers as trains start or stop, then making a quick escape. Although the police recently apprehended members of a chain-snatching gang, such crimes persist.

Kiran Lata, a resident of Lucknow’s LDA Colony, experienced a similar ordeal. Traveling with her husband Rajesh Kumar on the Lalkuan Summer Special from Malda to Lucknow, she found her trolley bag stolen when the train reached Patna Junction. The bag contained silver items, a gold mangalsutra, and cash. She has reported the theft to Patna Junction GRP.

Sajjan Kumar, from the Dhadhuri police station area in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, also fell victim. Thieves stole his wife’s purse, containing Rs 6000, Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter card, spectacles, and medicines, near Patna Junction while they were traveling from Churu railway station to Kamakhya.

Dhiraj Kumar Singh, a resident of Sher Vidalia in Darbhanga, had his mobile phone stolen on platform number five while waiting for his train. Similarly, Khushboo Kumari, wife of Sonu Raj Mirdha from Simaria in Hazaribagh, had her mobile phone stolen while traveling from Patna to Tatanagar.

Awadhesh Kumar from Kheda village in Lakhisarai reported the theft of his laptop and Rs 2000 in cash. He was traveling with his family from Chittaranjan station to Mumbai in coach number two of the Asansol Mumbai Express when the incident occurred near Patna Junction.

Brajendra Nath Mishra, from Shivkuti New Mehdauri, Prayagraj, also fell victim to theft. His camera, mobile phone, and cash were stolen while he was traveling from Howrah to Prayagraj. He has lodged a complaint with Patna Junction GRP.

The recurring incidents highlight the urgent need for enhanced security measures at Patna Junction to protect passengers from theft and snatching.

The author is a Patna based journalist 


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