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Comprehensive Structural Audit Launched for Rural Bridges in Bihar

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: In light of recent bridge collapses in rural areas of Bihar, a comprehensive structural audit of all rural bridges is set to be conducted to enhance their safety and functionality. The primary goal is to ensure the smooth flow of traffic while safeguarding lives and property. Detailed information on all bridges will be gathered through this audit.

The audit will collect various data points including:

  • The population served by each bridge.
  • The daily vehicle traffic on each bridge.
  • The weight capacity of each bridge and the types of vehicles it can support.
  • The types of vehicles that typically use the bridge.
  • The construction date and estimated lifespan of each bridge.
  • The dates of previous repairs and the current need for repairs or replacements.

According to sources, the Rural Works Department is preparing to launch the structural audit statewide, with departmental engineers and officers being deployed locally to collect data. This data will be submitted daily via a departmental app and monitored at the headquarters level. After data collection, the information will be re-verified, and bridges will be categorized based on their condition. Immediate action will be taken on bridges requiring urgent repairs or replacements.

Following the structural audit, repair and construction work will commence, and stricter oversight will be implemented on contractors and related engineers. The department is seeking improved solutions to prevent future incidents. In cases of bridge collapses, severe penalties, including repair or reconstruction costs, may be imposed on contractors. This decision follows recent incidents, including the collapse of an under-construction bridge in Araria district and a small bridge in Daraunda, Siwan district.


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