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Bihar to Fully Digitize Land Records and District Archives by Year-End

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: This year, Bihar will achieve complete digitization of its land records and district archives, transforming them into digital libraries. This initiative will make all revenue records of the state accessible with a click. In 2024, 274 zones will be converted into digital libraries as part of the fourth agriculture roadmap, with an allocated budget of Rs 12.83 crore. Previously, 260 zones had been digitized at a cost of Rs 12.17 crore.

The georeferencing of maps for revenue villages in 30 districts is nearing completion. This process will allow for the multi-dimensional use of digitized revenue maps, enabling land evaluation and visualization from any location. Georeferencing has already been completed in eight districts.

The digitization of 135,865 maps of revenue villages across Bihar is now finished, providing farmers easy access to maps of their villages. A data center has been established at the survey office in Gulzarbagh, Patna, from which farmers and villagers can obtain maps. Additionally, 37 centers in 34 districts are being equipped to provide plot-wise maps of any revenue village in the state.

The scanning of revenue records will be completed within three years under the state plan, following the digitization of revenue maps and consolidation records. The goal is to finish this task within the next three years, further enhancing the accessibility and utility of land records for farmers and citizens alike.


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