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Monsoon Boosts Sales of Umbrellas and Raincoats in Patna

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: This year, the monsoon may have arrived a little late in Patna compared to previous years, but the city’s markets are now bustling with colorful umbrellas and raincoats. Residents have begun preparing for the rainy season, and shopkeepers are hopeful for a good season of sales. From malls to footpaths and branded shops, there is a growing demand for umbrellas and raincoats.

Abhishek, a shopkeeper on Boring Road, mentioned that the new styles and various colors of raincoats and umbrellas are attracting many customers. He assured that prices remain reasonable, particularly for children’s raincoats, which offer the most variety.

Sellers at Patna Junction, Ashok Rajpath, Boring Road, Khetan Market, and Hathua Market reported a surge in customers with the onset of the monsoon. They offer a wide range of fashionable and double-use raincoats in different designs, along with plastic pants and shirts for rain protection. Women and young girls prefer colorful and fashionable raincoats, while men usually opt for pants and shirts. Umbrellas with wooden handles remain popular among the elderly.

Synthetic raincoats are in high demand due to their durability and comfort, resembling cloth and being easy to wear. These raincoats are priced higher than plastic ones, reflecting their quality.

Traders are optimistic about this year’s sales of rain-related products, expecting better performance compared to last year. The market is dominated by non-branded products, with a few branded companies also present. Rakesh Aggarwal estimated a turnover of about Rs 12 crore in 2023 for Patna and surrounding areas, predicting it to exceed Rs 14 crore this year. Prices of products have risen by 10 to 15 percent compared to last year.

Vijay Kumar, a clothes shop owner on Boring Road, has stocked fashionable umbrellas from Kolkata, including two-fold and three-fold options. These umbrellas are sold for Rs 250 to Rs 300. Women prefer printed umbrellas, while men go for plain ones. Raincoats, priced between Rs 600 and Rs 1500, are also available, with children favoring umbrellas featuring cartoon characters.

Guddu Mohammad Rizwan, who runs a bag shop in Ashiana, Digha, sells umbrellas and raincoats during the rainy season. His umbrellas range from Rs 130 to Rs 350, and raincoats from Rs 350 to Rs 1200, with full-body raincoats being popular among workers and office-goers. He sources his stock from Kolkata and operates daily from 10 am to 8 pm.

Near Patna Junction, many shops offer reversible raincoats. Madheswar Prasad, a shop owner, explained that prices depend on various factors, including quality and fashion. This year, raincoat prices start at Rs 200 and can go up to Rs 6000, with simple raincoats available for Rs 600 to Rs 700. Different types of umbrellas, including one-fold, two-fold, and three-fold, are also sold, with prices ranging from Rs 280 to Rs 500.

Pramod Kumar Jha, who owns an umbrella and raincoat shop at Digha turn, has a unique family umbrella that can accommodate four people, priced at Rs 250. He sources his umbrellas from Patna City and noted that umbrellas sold well even before the monsoon due to the heat. Raincoats are becoming more popular as they provide better protection during rains, with umbrellas available for a maximum of Rs 300.

Overall, the arrival of the monsoon has brought a wave of happiness among traders, who anticipate strong sales of umbrellas, raincoats, shoes, sandals, and other rain-related products.


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