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Bihar Approves Rs 1528 Crore in New Investment Proposals

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: The State Investments Promotion Board (SIPB) of Bihar, in its 56th meeting on July 2, granted initial clearance for investment proposals totaling Rs 1528 crore. Notable among these proposals is the establishment of a 1500-bed hospital in Ekma, Saran, with an investment of Rs 700 crore. Additionally, an IT and IT-enabled services company will invest Rs 232 crore in the Patliputra Industrial Area of Patna. Under the Bihar Tourism Policy, Ambuja Neotia Holdings Private Limited plans to open a hotel in Patna with an investment of Rs 213 crore.

Chaired by Development Commissioner Chaitanya Prasad, the SIPB meeting approved a total of 28 proposals. Key approvals include Rs 154.7 crore for a logistics park and warehouse in Chak Chameli, Sarai of Vaishali district, and a nursing college with 100 seats in Paliganj.

Of the 27 investment proposals under the Bihar Investment Policy, excluding one tourism proposal, the food processing sector received the highest number of proposals, with nine proposals totaling Rs 89.61 crore. Other significant investments include nine proposals worth Rs 39.66 crore in rice mills, Rs 37.19 crore in general manufacturing, three proposals worth Rs 10.41 crore in plastic and rubber, two proposals worth Rs 33.87 crore in renewable energy, and one proposal worth Rs 8.40 crore in the wood industry.

In the SIPB meeting, financial clearance was granted to 13 proposals worth Rs 182 crore. These include one logistics proposal worth Rs 37.35 crore, four general manufacturing proposals worth Rs 16.89 crore, one food processing proposal worth Rs 35.25 crore, and five rice mill proposals worth Rs 72.54 crore. These proposals, having received initial clearance, are now set to begin implementation.

Additional Chief Secretary of the Industries Department, Sandeep Paundrik, and Industries Director, Pankaj Dixit, also attended the SIPB meeting.


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