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Tenant Arrested for Murder of Elderly Man in Patna

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: Police have solved the murder case of 74-year-old Shivdeep Narayan Singh, whose body was found in flat number 502 of Shambhavi Vatika Apartment near Raja Bazar. The elderly man was strangled to death by his tenant, Abhishek Mathur, alias Shivam, alias Shubham. Shubham has been arrested and has confessed to the crime. Police recovered the red chilli powder used in the incident, the wooden stick used to break the camera wire, and the cloth.

Shubham, 29, a resident of Diwan Mohalla in Khajekala, had been living in a rented flat (number 204) of Shambhavi Vatika Apartment for a year. He is a mechanical engineer working remotely for a company in Bangalore and is unmarried. He used the rented flat for debauchery, while the elderly man lived alone in his own flat. SHO Amar Kumar stated that Shubham has been sent to jail.

Shubham was involved with a woman, which the elderly man repeatedly objected to, threatening to inform Shubham’s family. Angered by these objections, Shubham planned the murder. On Tuesday, after the elderly man returned from his son’s place in Mumbai, Shubham broke the wire of the CCTV camera installed on the stairs with a wooden stick. He then went to the fifth-floor flat (number 502), threw chili powder in the elderly man’s eyes, and strangled him. Shubham returned to his flat and slept, ignoring calls from the elderly man’s family. When the calls went unanswered, the family contacted other flat owners, who then informed the police. The police found the elderly man’s body under the bed in his flat late Tuesday night.

The investigation revealed the broken CCTV camera wire, and footage from the DVR showed Shubham breaking it. When taken into custody and questioned, Shubham confessed to the murder. He has since been arrested and charged with the crime.


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