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Patna Introduces Mobile Pink Toilets: A Milestone for Women’s Accessibility and Safety

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna, May 12: Women navigating the streets of the capital face significant challenges in accessing toilet facilities. In response, the Patna Municipal Corporation has taken a groundbreaking step by introducing mobile pink toilets exclusively for women. This initiative marks the first of its kind in Patna, with two toilets slated for installation at Maurya Lok and Marine Drive—locations known for their high influx of women, coupled with a lack of nearby toiler  facilities.

Animesh Parashar, the Municipal Commissioner of Patna, emphasized the thoughtful consideration behind the introduction of these pink toilets, designed with women’s needs in mind. These mobile facilities offer the flexibility to be deployed wherever there is a demand, mirroring practices seen in major metropolitan cities. This move aims to address the reluctance many women in Patna feel about using public restrooms, offering a more accessible and welcoming option. Importantly, all female employees will be in charge of these pink toilet, ensuring a relaxing and secure environment.

Pink toilet

The pink toilets are equipped with amenities tailored to women’s needs, including sanitary napkin dispensers and vending machines. Additionally, provisions have been made for child care facilities and both western-style and Indian-style toilets. Cleanliness and maintenance will be upheld by the dedicated women staff. Furthermore, a small shop will be available for patrons to purchase snacks or beverages after using the facilities.

Initially launched through two buses, the success of these mobile pink toilets will determine their expansion to other areas of the city. Animesh Parashar expressed optimism about their potential and hinted at plans to introduce them to additional intersections in the near future.

It’s worth noting that the installation of these pink toilets aligns with the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Patna, where they will be set up at polling stations with a significant female voter presence, ensuring accessibility and convenience for women during this important civic process.

The author is a journalist based in Patna


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