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Union minister Chirag Paswan with Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar

Union Minister Chirag Paswan Meets Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to Discuss Development and Job Issues

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: Union Minister and LJP (Ram Vilas) chief Chirag Paswan met with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday to discuss ongoing development projects in Bihar. This marks Chirag’s first meeting with CM Nitish Kumar since his induction into the Narendra Modi government. During the meeting, Paswan raised several critical issues, including government job appointments and the alarming number of bridges collapsing in the state.

Chirag Paswan shared photos of the meeting on social media, expressing that he sought blessings from the Chief Minister at his residence. The discussions included concerns about the frequent collapses of bridges, with 13 incidents reported across various districts in the past 20 days due to rain. This issue has not only drawn widespread attention but also criticism from both the opposition and NDA allies, prompting calls for swift action. Recently, the Water Resources and Rural Works Department suspended 17 engineers responsible for these collapses.

Another key point of discussion was the Bihar Chowkidar Cadre Rules established in 2014. Paswan highlighted that, while dependents of Dafadar or Chowkidars were reinstated under this rule until 2023, there remain pending appointments for the dependents of already retired and retiring Chowkidars, as well as those taking voluntary retirement. He emphasized the concern that some districts have started new recruitments without addressing these pending appointments. Paswan urged the CM to revert to the original process, and CM Nitish Kumar assured prompt action by the relevant departments.

The meeting at Ek Anne Marg in Patna lasted for about half an hour. CM Nitish Kumar congratulated Chirag Paswan on his ministerial position and listened to his requests, particularly about providing jobs on compassionate grounds to the dependents of Chowkidars and Dafadars. Paswan reported that the Chief Minister promised to address these demands.

The interaction between the two leaders was described as very cordial, with CM Nitish Kumar personally seeing off Chirag Paswan after the meeting. Paswan touched the CM’s feet to seek his blessings before leaving. The meeting was also attended by a large number of LJP leaders.


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