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New Foot Over Bridges in Patna to Boost Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: Foot over bridges will be constructed at five key locations in Patna, including Nehru Marg and Punaichak, to reduce road accidents and enhance pedestrian safety. Tenders have been issued, with the technical bid opening on July 30 and the financial bid on August 12. The project, approved by the Bihar Road Safety Council, is spearheaded by Transport Department Minister Sheela Kumari.

Transport Department Secretary Sanjay Kumar Agarwal stated that the Transport Department, in collaboration with the Road Construction Department, will execute the construction. The Bihar Road Safety Council is funding the project, and once awarded, the construction will be completed within four months.

The project has received administrative approval from the Transport Department and technical approval from the Road Construction Department. The foot over bridges will feature lifts for safe and convenient pedestrian crossing, and three of the bridges will include escalators.

The locations for the new foot over bridges are:

  1. Punaichak Mor
  2. Near Zoo Gate No. 1
  3. Near Planetarium
  4. Bhootnath Mor
  5. Saguna Mor, near Saint Karen’s School

Bridges with escalators will be at:

  • Patna Zoo
  • Punaichak Mor
  • Near Saint Karen’s School, Saguna Mor

The construction aims to address the challenges pedestrians face due to the lack of safe crossing facilities, particularly on Nehru Marg (Bailey Road), where accidents are common. The new infrastructure will provide significant convenience for people visiting Visvesvaraya Bhavan and residents in the vicinity of Punaichak.


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