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How to Offer Arghya to the Sun God: A Guide to Harnessing Solar Blessings

In various cultures and traditions, the Sun is revered as a living deity, embodying the essential life force that sustains all beings. Known for bestowing energy, strength, valor, fame, enthusiasm, and leadership, the Sun God also opens pathways to wealth and prosperity. To receive these blessings, devotees often perform the ritual of offering water, or Arghya, to the Sun each day. However, to harness the full auspiciousness of this practice, it is crucial to follow specific steps meticulously. Below, we outline the proper method for offering Arghya to the Sun God, according to Hindu religion.

The Ritual of Offering Arghya to the Sun God


  1. Morning Bath: Begin your day with a purifying bath before sunrise. This cleansing ritual prepares you physically and spiritually for the offering.
  2. Kush Seat: Place a Kush grass seat (Aasan) in front of the rising Sun. Kush grass is considered sacred and purifies the environment.

The Offering:

  1. Copper Vessel: Stand on the Kush seat and hold a copper vessel filled with holy water. Copper is known to have purifying properties, enhancing the spiritual efficacy of the water.
  2. Sugar Candy: Add a piece of sugar candy to the water. This sweet offering is believed to neutralize any negative influences of Mars in the horoscope. If Mars is already auspicious, this practice enhances its benefits.

The Moment of Offering:

  1. Timing: As soon as the orange rays of the Sun begin to emerge in the east, it is the ideal time to offer water. The morning Sun, with its soft rays, is said to improve eyesight when looked at directly.
  2. Method: Hold the copper vessel with both hands and pour the water slowly so that the stream falls onto the seat rather than the ground. This ensures that the energy from the Sun contained in the water is not absorbed by the earth but remains available to you.


While offering the Arghya, recite the following mantras to invoke the blessings of the Sun God:

Om Aihi Surya Sahastraansho Tejorashe Jagatpate.
Anukampaye Maam Bhaktya Grihnaarghyam Divakar:।

Om Hreem Hreem Suryaay, Sahastrakiranaay.
Manovaanchhit Phalam Dehi Dehi Swaha:।। (recite 3 times)

Post-Offering Rituals:

  1. Sprinkling Water: Take water in the palm of your right hand and sprinkle it all around you. This act symbolizes the spreading of blessings and purification of your surroundings.
  2. Circumambulation: Rotate around your place three times, performing a circumambulation of the spot where you stood.
  3. Bowing: Finally, lift your Kush seat and bow to the place where you performed the offering, showing respect and gratitude to the Sun God.


The ritual of offering Arghya to the Sun is a powerful practice that aligns the devotee with the Sun’s divine energy. By following the detailed steps and maintaining a sincere and devoted mindset, one can harness the Sun’s blessings for health, prosperity, and spiritual well-being. The practice not only honors the Sun as a life-giver but also integrates a deeper connection with the natural world, fostering a sense of harmony and balance.




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