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CBI Court Extends Remand Period in NEET Paper Leak Case, Key Accused Sent to Jail

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: In the NEET paper leak case, the CBI special court has extended the remand period of Oasis School Principal Ehsan Ul Haq, Vice Principal Imtiaz, and Jamaluddin, who were arrested from Hazaribagh, along with Aman Singh, who was arrested from Dhanbad, until July 11. The CBI special team will continue to interrogate these individuals regarding the NEET paper leak. Chintu, who was arrested from Jharia in Dhanbad, has been sent to Beur Jail.

After the remand period of the five accused ended, the CBI produced them in the special court on Monday. The CBI lawyer requested an extension of their remand, arguing that further interrogation was necessary. The defense lawyer opposed this request. Considering the seriousness of the case, the judge extended the remand period for Ehsan Ul Haq, Imtiaz, Jamaluddin, and Aman Singh until July 11, while Chintu was sent to jail.

CBI sources report that significant information has been obtained from Chintu, who is now repeating previous statements during interrogation, leading to no further remand being sought for him. All the accused are linked to Jharkhand, prompting the CBI to focus its investigation on this area.

During the interrogation of Ehsan Ul Haq, Imtiaz, Jamaluddin, and Aman Singh, the CBI uncovered several crucial clues related to Jharkhand. The central agency is now centering its investigation around this region. The names of additional individuals connected to the paper leak have emerged during the interrogation, and the CBI is actively investigating these leads. The accused are being questioned one by one about the mastermind behind the NEET paper leak, money transactions, the exact number of candidates involved, the whereabouts of absconding suspects Sanjeev Mukhiya and Rocky, the agreed-upon payment for the leaked paper, and other pertinent information. Cross-verification is also being conducted by interrogating the accused face to face.

In the ongoing NEET paper leak case, the CBI is searching for Sanjeev Mukhiya and Rocky, along with other suspects in Jharkhand. The agency is continuously conducting raids in an effort to locate them. Despite questioning numerous individuals, Rocky and Sanjeev Mukhiya remain at large. Based on information gathered during interrogations, the central agency is also identifying candidates in Jharkhand linked to the leak.


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