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Patna Police Rescue Kidnapped Child, Arrest Three Suspects

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: Late Thursday night, the Patna police safely rescued a kidnapped child from Paras Bigha village in Jehanabad. The rescue occurred at Netaji Subhash Marg, Jai Prakash Nagar Road No. 5, under the jurisdiction of Rajiv Nagar police station. The authorities apprehended Ankesh Aman, his driver Chandan Kumar, and Rahul Kumar, who were involved in the kidnapping. The police also recovered the vehicle used in the crime.

Ashok Singh, the child’s father, works in a private company and hails from Sitamarhi. He resides in a rented flat owned by Ankesh’s father, Awadhesh Kumar, located at Jai Prakash Nagar Road No. 5. Ankesh, who operates an ITI in Paras Bigha, Jehanabad, masterminded the kidnapping plot.

Ankesh had accumulated significant debt and his driver, Chandan, needed money for his sister’s wedding. When Ankesh shared his plan with Chandan, they both agreed to kidnap Ashok Singh’s son and demand a ransom of Rs 15 lakh.

On the morning of July 2, at approximately 6:30 am, Ankesh abducted the child as he was leaving his flat on the second floor to go to school. Ankesh, who was waiting on the first floor, covered the child’s mouth with a towel, brought him into his flat, and administered two injections of the narcotic drug Merozolam, causing the child to lose consciousness. Ankesh, along with Rahul, then transported the child to Jehanabad and held him captive at Ankesh’s ITI in Parasbigha village.

When the child did not return home from school, his family went to the school and discovered he had never arrived. Ashok Singh promptly informed the police. Upon reviewing CCTV footage, the child was not seen on the route to school. Ankesh’s suspicious behavior, including parking his car away from CCTV cameras and being absent from his home, further raised police suspicions. Consequently, the police detained Ankesh for questioning.

Meanwhile, Chandan’s father, Jai Kishor Rai, grew suspicious when Ankesh and Chandan had not contacted him by July 4. Rai, along with other villagers, questioned the child, who revealed everything. Rai then informed Ashok Singh, who notified the police. The police swiftly rescued the child from Jehanabad and brought him back to Patna. Ankesh and Chandan, who were already in custody, were formally arrested, and Rahul was subsequently apprehended.

SSP Rajiv Mishra confirmed that the child was kidnapped for ransom but was safely recovered within 48 hours. Ankesh, known for his extravagant spending, had a love marriage and was given a flat by his father but was later separated from his family.

Questions remain as to why Ankesh’s wife was not arrested, given her presence during the kidnapping and her knowledge of the narcotic injections. Her failure to assist the police further complicates the case.

Details of the Kidnapping Case

  • Victim: Child of Ashok Singh, originally from Sitamarhi
  • Suspects: Ankesh Aman, Chandan Kumar, Rahul Kumar
  • Location: Paras Bigha village, Jehanabad; Netaji Subhash Marg, Jai Prakash Nagar Road No. 5
  • Motive: Ransom of Rs 15 lakh
  • Rescue: Within 48 hours by Patna police
  • Key Players:
    • Ankesh Aman: Mastermind, indebted
    • Chandan Kumar: Driver, needed money for sister’s wedding
    • Rahul Kumar: Accomplice, resident of Bhikhana Pahadi

Questions Raised

  • Ankesh’s Wife: Present during the kidnapping and aware of the narcotic injections, yet not arrested.

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