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Amotsav-2024: Celebrating Bihar’s Mango Diversity at Raj Bhavan

Patna, June 15: The two-day Amotsav-2024 (Mango Festival) commenced on Saturday at the Raj Bhavan of Bihar, aiming to showcase the variety of mangoes in Bihar and provide a better market for mango-producing farmers. The event is jointly organized by Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour, and the Agriculture Department, Government of Bihar. Over 1,000 specimens from more than 300 mango varieties across Bihar are on display, alongside an exhibition of various mango products. The festival has attracted a large number of mango farmers, traders, and enthusiasts.

Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar inaugurated Amotsav-2024. In his address, the Governor expressed his long-standing affection for mangoes, noting that while Alphonso and Hapus mangoes from his home state of Goa are globally renowned, he was particularly impressed by Bihar’s Bhagalpuri Jardalu mango. He praised Bihar’s major mango varieties—Jardalu, Digha Maldah, and Dudhiya Maldah—for their potential to become globally recognized. The Governor emphasized the importance of providing a proper market for Bihar’s unique mangoes, suggesting that agriculture-based industries should be promoted in Bihar.

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Kumar Sinha highlighted the cultural significance of mangoes in India, describing them as nature’s greatest gift and referring to them as “Amrit fruit” in scriptures. He noted that despite Bihar’s diverse mango varieties, the state currently ranks fourth in mango production nationwide. He expressed optimism that events like Amotsav-2024 would boost production and marketing efforts, propelling Bihar to the top position in mango production.

Agriculture Minister Mangal Pandey noted that more than 300 mango varieties and various mango products are on display at the festival. He emphasized the entrepreneurial potential of these products and announced that the Agriculture Department would work to develop this potential. He stated that mango cultivation covers approximately 1.6 lakh hectares in Bihar, with an average yield of 9.7 tons per hectare. Initiatives like the Bihar Government’s Horticulture Mission and the Mukhyamantri Intensive Horticulture Scheme are contributing to increased yield areas annually. The Minister commended Bihar Agricultural University for its role in enhancing mango productivity.

The event was attended by numerous dignitaries and horticulture scientists from across the country, including Bihar Government Ministers Dr. Prem Kumar and Shravan Kumar, Padma Shri awardees Ramchet Chaudhary and Rajkumari Devi (popularly known as Kisan Chachi), Mango Man Ashok Chaudhary, former Deputy Director General of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Dr. HP Singh, and current Assistant Director General (Fruit and Plantation Crops) Dr. Vishwabandhu Patel. Other notable attendees included Bihar Agricultural University Vice Chancellor Dr. DR Singh, Principal Secretary to the Governor Robert Chongthu, and Agriculture Department Secretary Sanjay Kumar Agarwal.

Governor Arlekar released the Amotsav-2024 souvenir booklet and the book titled “Varietal Wealth of Bihar.” He also inaugurated a short documentary on the Jardalu Mango and a Mango Portal.

Amotsav-2024 will remain open to the public until June 16.


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