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Recipe For Cajun Potato

By Suvomita Sinha Modak


For the Cajun Sauce

1) Mayonnaise 3 tbsp

2) Red chilli sauce 1tbsp

3) Onion 1-2 tbsp (finely chopped)

4) Chilli Flakes 1 tbsp

5) Oregano ½ tbsp

6) Black pepper powder ½ tbsp

7) Salt to taste

8) Milk ½ cup

 Baby potatoes 8-10

Salt ½ tbsp

Water 1 Glass



  1. a) Once the Potatoes are boiled and ready press Potatoes using a bowl or by hand.
  2. b) Deep fry the potatoes by coating them in cornflour
  3. c) When the potatoes are crispy fired and ready remove them on a plate
  4. d) Spread the Cajun sauce
  5. e) Garnish with onion, fresh coriander and chilli flakes

Voila, scrumptious and delectable Cajun sauce potatoes is ready to be served


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