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Men Occupying Women-Only Train Coaches in Bihar Face Fines and Jail Term

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna, May 20: In many trains across Bihar, women-only coaches are frequently occupied by male passengers, causing significant inconvenience to female travelers. Despite the efforts of the railway administration to arrest and fine men traveling in women’s coaches, this issue persists. Here, we outline the penalties men can face for traveling in women-only coaches, including fines and potential jail time.

Persistent Issue with Male Passengers in Women-Only Coaches

AK Sharma, a member of the East Central Railway Employees Union, stated that each train typically has two women-only coaches. However, male passengers often occupy these coaches, creating difficulties for female passengers who are reluctant to confront them. Although the Railway Protection Force (RPF) enforces strict measures against men traveling in these coaches, the problem continues. The railway administration may need to implement even stricter rules to address this issue.

615 Male Passengers Arrested

Patna Junction RPF in-charge Sushil Kumar reported that several measures have been implemented in women-only compartments to ensure the safety of female passengers. The RPF conducts regular security operations to arrest male passengers traveling in these coaches. Ensuring women’s safety during train journeys has been a priority for the Railways since its inception. As a result, 615 male passengers have been detained under Section 162 of the Railway Act for traveling in women-only coaches across various railway sections.

Provision for Jail Term

Among those arrested, 355 male passengers were detained in the Danapur division, 151 in Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay, 56 in the Sonepur division, and 53 in the Samastipur division. Disciplinary action has been taken against these individuals. Under Section 162, there is a provision for a fine of Rs 500, and failure to pay the fine can result in up to six months of jail time.

Sushil Kumar emphasized, “Operation Women’s Safety is conducted every day, and as a result, men traveling in women’s coaches are being caught and fined.”

Despite these ongoing efforts, the persistence of this issue suggests a need for more stringent enforcement and possibly additional measures to ensure women’s safety and comfort on trains in Bihar.

The author is a journalist based in Patna 


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