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Chirag Paswan

Growing Calls Within NDA for Reconsideration of Modi Government’s Agniveer Scheme

By Neeraj Kumar

Patna, June 8: The demand for reconsideration of the Narendra Modi government’s major scheme, Agniveer, is gaining momentum within the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) allies. Following Janata Dal (United) spokesperson KC Tyagi’s remarks, Lok Janashakti Party (Ram Vilas) national president Chirag Paswan has also expressed the need to reassess this scheme. Speaking to journalists in Delhi on Friday, Chirag Paswan stated that the Modi government should review the scheme.

He emphasized that if the scheme successfully meets its goals and objectives, it should continue; otherwise, the government should consider discontinuing it. Just two days earlier, JD(U)’s KC Tyagi, in an interview with a news channel, had also called for a review of the Agniveer scheme, citing public dissatisfaction.

Chirag Paswan reiterated the call for a review, stressing that the government should evaluate the benefits derived from the Agniveer scheme. He pointed out that the NDA is a platform where all issues are discussed collectively. If any member has raised this issue, it warrants discussion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated his openness to discussions in meetings, and Paswan believes that a conversation about the Agniveer Yojana is necessary if any party within the alliance has concerns.

Paswan highlighted the scheme’s direct impact on the youth. He stated that if the Agniveer scheme aligns with its intended goals and benefits the youth, it should be maintained. However, if the scheme’s objectives are not being met, a reconsideration is essential. He added that now is not the appropriate time for this discussion and suggested postponing it until after the government is formed. Once the new government is in place, a thorough discussion on the Agniveer Yojana should take place.

The author is a Patna based journalist


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